Hours with Cyan…..


I had been feeling very tired. It was almost the late afternoon when we have touched the Jodhpur Main city & the Hotel. Still I could not hold me & I have started for my much waited blue excursion of this great city. It was around 30 mints from my Hotel. Finally I have reached the so called Blue Orbit of the Blue city “Brahmapuri”. It was evening 6.30 of Month November.

The area was actually a narrow spiral lane with some very clumsy societies. I have got really confused about my route while I have entered. Believe me I have got confidence of my required coordinates & routes of the Blue Lanes. They were really helpful & quite friendly. I have started to take glance from Local families about the heritage of Blue City & the communities of Shirmali Brahmins.

I had walked during 1.5 days through the curves , lines , forms  of the complex structures of the esteemed heritage of India. Somehow I have got a feeling that the strength & vibrancy of the blue is getting diminished day by day . Urbanization & Globalization has made fade the ancient life of the city. Now all the azure blue walls are getting converted to the Mosaic structure. What I have gathered from local voice that today’s youth are concern for their own career & no one spend their time to maintain this old blue heritage . That’s what I have seen in 48 hours . The old blue creatures has got hazed , broken , discolored & converted

Thus I have framed the name that I have spent the time not with Blue . It has got turned to cyan.



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Sandipan Mukherjee