The Orthogenesis of Soul


The Orthogenesis of Soul….

We are all aware about the theory of biologically evaluation for Jean Baptist Lamarck. The theory tells about the evaluation of human how the structure of APE has got transferred to the today’s human being. Yes , today we are obviously civilized & we have acquired the digital brain inside of us.

But what about our sensation, our moral ethics , our social responsibility??? Believe me it is still lying in a Analog cage. Our soul is still getting treated by cro-magnon mentality like the human kind before thousands decades.

Let it be analyzed through some illustrations.

Today’s childhood is really helpless & missing like fossils. It has got prisoned by the treatment of civilized digital world. That is not at all. They are getting compromised by the superstition of civilized society.
Our socialism has totally absconded from the responsibility & sense of respect regarding woman. Today the security & morality for the woman is totally in disguise & lost by our mental exorcism. Yes we are that human kind that we used to worship of “MAA DURGA’’ – A WOMAN & that’s we don’t scare to destroy & acidify the dignity of “A WOMAN – MAA DURGA”.

Don’t you think we have only advanced our time & retarded our mentality……
Can’t we come to a conclusion of a moral stand & humanity??? We need to be meticulous on our ethics & socio thoughts. We need to kill our internal evils. We need to wash out our dirty soul . Our mind will be light & flow like a bird.

Yes then we can say we are civilized & evaluated from the possession of black power of our mind….

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